Trang chủ Bếp Ballerina The Y Kitchen

The Y Kitchen

A revolution for a new Generation

Whether in a small town apartment or generously proportioned house – the design of the Y kitchen turns your kitchen into a central communication platform.

Hilgers innovative and yet strikingly simple furniture solutions are perfect examples of his philosophy of examining traditional production categories for today’s living and working environments and reinventing these in pragmatic ways and means.

Ballerina presented the Y kitchen for the first time at the LivingKitchen 2017 trade fair. The kitchen greatly impressed all who saw it. Thanks to the refined selective shape it unifies design and communication in one element.

Hilger’s innovative yet surprisingly simple furniture solutions are exemplary of his philosophy of challenging traditional product categories for our present living and working environment and rethinking them in a pragmatic manner.

Ballerina presented the Y-kitchen for the first time at the LivingKitchen 2017. The kitchen provided great enthusiasm for all viewers. The cleverly chosen form combines design as well as communication in one.

The Y-kitchen for the Y-generation

Market researchers found out that generation Y is cooking differently. The so-called Millennials are cooking enthusiastic, cook an average of five times a week and are interested in current dietary trends. However, they cook differently. Food is individually compiled and new recipes are tried out. They often cooked together with friends and in the Y-kitchen as a communicative center.That shows a really new, consumer-friendly design.