PREMIUM 3001 – Tủ bếp Ballerina, nội thất phòng ngủ Wimex



Front: Ferro black gold

STRIKINGLY IN THE SPOTLIGHT – The kitchen as a part of the living room concept

In precisely the same way as exquisite craftsmanship, clean-cut design demonstrates its quality even after many years. The accentuating effect of glass, metal and wood is underscored by super-matt finishes in elegant, dark colour shades. The iconic exterior meets intelligent organisation inside. A unique ‘TakeAway’ system is particularly smart. Here, the pull-outs can each be removed and used anywhere in the room. Aesthetic appeal and functionality are therefore combined impressively.
The sink row in FENIX stainless steel look super matt features a great deal of storage space and functionality. The pull-outs in the island are fitted with organisation systems and enable quick access.

This dream kitchen is available in all colours from Ballerina.

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