PUR 2651 - Tủ bếp Ballerina, nội thất phòng ngủ Wimex

PUR 2651

PUR 2651

Front: Bianco Royal marble DirectLACK matt


We do not think in terms of kitchens, rather in furnishing concepts. The multifunctional unit in a marble look with adjoining cooking counter intelligently combines several functions. On one side it gives you a convenient base for preparing meals and, on the other side, enables you to concentrate on working in the home office. With storage doors that retract into the sides of the unit as if by magic, there are no doors that get in the way. The result: greater freedom of movement. This is what smart living looks like today. The marble effect and dark oak is an elegant classic combination, a timeless and purist design provides a modern and noble appearance. The large sliding doors on the living side of the island conceal a large amount of storage space and appear homely. Closing all of the doors clears the functional space in seconds.

This dream kitchen is available in all colours from Ballerina.

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