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TOP 1506

TOP 1506

Front: graphite concrete effect

FLEXIBILITY IS EVERYTHING – The kitchen as a central meeting point

Whether at home or at work – the kitchen is a meeting place and the hub of communication, wherever it is. Where many people come and go, practical functionality, interior organisation and choice of material is immensely important. Whether a large family, flat share or company staff, there is room for everyone in the spaciously planned kitchen, without having to forgot aesthetic appeal.

The FreeStyle and TakeAway design elements are particular eye-catchers; created by designer duo Kristina Meyer and Torsten Rosenstengel, they transform the cooking island into a free-standing element that impresses with the flexibility of its glass pull-out elements.

Children need roots and wings, they say. Security and stability is just as important for families as imagination and flexibility is. The same applies to furnishing a family kitchen. Day in, day out, this is where doors and drawers are opened and closed again and again.
It is a place for cooking, baking, celebrating and making things with the children. Year after year. Therefore, those who place importance on quality right from the start will have no regrets.

This dream kitchen is available in all colours from Ballerina.

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